Drawing Out Harmful Energy

I was once taught a working by The Morrígan in the Dreaming. As far as I am aware, there is nothing in the lore to support Her connection to this and thus it should be considered as UPG. I had debated whether to share for a while now, as I felt a call to do so, but wanted to wait a while to see if that feeling persisted. It has. I have since heard of similar forms of magic, so can not claim that this is something new.

To begin, I will share the dream.
There was a man who was infected with a malicious spirit. This could be interpreted either as illness or as a harmful energy or spiritual possession. I was led by The Morrígan to lay my hands on the man and breathe in the infection. As I breathed it in, so it was drawn out of the host.
The next steps were crucial. After the spirit or illness was removed, I had to go outside and release it by breathing it out of myself. I made a mistake and so it was free to find a new host.

After some meditation on the dream, I realized that I was supposed to have released it into the earth. The earth would then act as a filter. At the same time, there was a sense that this must be done carefully, as not to cause harm to the land in some way.

I feel that ritual or meditative components can be added to this work to ensure greater success. I am personally drawn to the use of water or fire (in visualization or as a tool) to act as a cleansing agent when releasing the unwanted energies.

Disclaimer: The above information is not meant to be medical advice. Any medical issues should be treated by a licensed physician if possible.


“Mama” Morrigan: Not Quite So Motherly

The Morrigan is a goddess (or trio of goddesses) who has quite a reputation. She’s tough, no-nonsense, and can be scary. Yet there are people who see her as a “Mother” figure or a sex symbol. I’m not about to touch on the sexualization of Her, but I can see where having a relationship with Her as a “mother” can come in. After all, I refer to her as “Mama” Morrigan sometimes. (With Her permission, of course.) This is despite her not being particularly affectionate or nurturing in the sense many of us would prefer to think.

If you’re going to work with The Morrigan as a mother-figure, you should understand that her love is a tough love. She will sooner drag you through mud to help you get stronger than to coddle you when you’re upset. She will knock you down and walk away if She sees you trying to use Her as a crutch when all you need to do is stand up on your own. This isn’t to say that She’s needlessly cruel. She doesn’t expect the impossible. She does, however, expect us to acknowledge what we’re capable of and to try. The phrase, “I can’t do this” doesn’t work so well when She thinks you can. Your own opinion regarding the matter doesn’t matter as much as Hers.

When I first felt The Morrigan’s calling, I didn’t know who this scary goddess was. All I knew is that She frightened me. She forced me to tap into darker aspects of myself, tested me and showed me where my strength is. Without giving too many details of an incredibly personal experience, The Morrigan helped to forge me during my more formative years. She left clues as to who She was, but it took a while before I was ready to fully acknowledge Her.

My devotion to Her is a simple one. Since I started building a relationship with Her, The Morrigan has taken a step back for my work with another important deity in my life. Not going to lie: It hurt at first. I felt abandoned. But, She assured me that She wasn’t done with me. That can either be viewed as a good thing or an anxiety-inducing one. I couldn’t help but to wonder what She has in store.
Since stepping back, The Morrigan has continued working with me here and there. I’m not entirely sure that I understand the more recent lessons or how to utilize them yet. This may well come in time.

In my own devotional relationship with The Morrigan, I view Her as a mother-figure in a loose sense. It’s enough that I sometimes call Her “Mama” Morrigan. But I won’t expect this goddess to kiss my “boo-boos” or to tell me it’ll all be okay when I’m hurting. She’d sooner tell me to stop crying and make it better myself.

(Disclaimer: This is based on MY experiences with Her. Yours may be different.)


Loki is known to his followers as a god of change. He will take your life and shake it out until you’re left feeling disheveled and wondering what the fuck just happened. He is not a cruel god. Not entirely, at least. He will put you in positions where you have to face your truth, an unpleasant life situation, or a decision you’ve been putting off for far too long. He will force you to take a step one way or another. Stagnation isn’t a pretty look to him.

It’s a bit silly to be a Lokean and say that you’re afraid of change. Yet, here I am. Change is scary. More-so when you don’t know what the domino effect from one change will turn out like. Want a new job? Now you have to get new health insurance, get to know new people, learn new policies, have a new schedule, so on and so forth. All of which could go one way or another… or another, or another.
I am finding myself in this position where I’ve been considering a change in my life. I am also terrified of what that could entail. Will I make things better or worse? I need change, but what if I end up with the wrong choice? I suppose I could pull out the tarot and/or pendulum for clarity if I weren’t so scared of what they’d tell me. Some witch, huh?

As a Lokean, I find that I often find myself questioning my truths. It’s a start. I know that I need to take a leap eventually. Baby steps can only get us so far, after all. Does Loki ever get tired of watching me and others like me? Perhaps I am lucky when he doesn’t take action to move things along. Or perhaps it’s just what I could need.

And what of The Morrigan, the goddess to whom I first devoted myself? I can’t imagine that she’d be too proud of my inability (or refusal, depending on how you view it) to make a decision. Surely, she must view it as a weakness. Of course, I can not speak for the gods. There is only speculation and UPG.

No, this topic is not something that The Morrigan or Loki has discussed with me so far in any form of communication. It could very well be that I need to learn this lesson on my own. It could be that I already know the answer. Change is necessary. Fears must be overcome. Nobody can make decisions for me. The list goes on.

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Poetry: The Morrigan

The Morrigan by B.A.McNeely

Envelope me with your black wings
And remind me of my own strength
A Mother you are as much as
Warrior goddess
You push us, Shape Changer
To find all of our worth
I find myself in your tough love

Great Queen, Phantom Queen
Tell us what you see
So we can prepare or find hope

Teach us what you know
That we can find our ways
Na Morrigna, The Morrigan

You take flight ever ready
Watching over land and sea
Prepared to strike by blade or curse
Protect us with your lessons
Crow frenzy, your cry is heard
Remind us to fight
Reshape me as I burn