In Memory…

11 years ago today, I lost my dad. His wake and burial was on Halloween. It took time, but I was finally able to enjoy Halloween again. I don’t randomly cry every year on this day anymore. I was able to find closure and forgiveness for him.
I will never forget the harm he put me through, but he is gone now and he /had/ started to do better in his last few years. I try to keep the good memories in mind – the days fishing, hunting, shooting practice in the woods; the times we spoke about spirtuality and other things after he got sober.

b.AM Muses

(*Re-posted from an older blog.) Trigger warning: Death.

October 27, 2008. That was 8 years ago today.

I had found myself in the Underworld. What else could I call this place, at the time? The place where the dead dwell reminded me of autumn, like the world of the living currently was in the Northern Hemisphere where I lived. That wasn’t important. What was important was that I needed to find my way home. And so, I did. I walked until I found a ladder that reached higher than I could see and I climbed until a bright light broke through at the top.

Just as I was passing through the light in this dream, my mother was in a frantic state trying to wake me up. My father had been home from the hospital for about a month, paralyzed from a stroke, unable to care for himself any longer…

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