My Art

I spent part of today painting a drawing that I did for my spouse. Watercolor (tube paint) is my preferred medium for color, with some coloring pencils (regular or watercolor) and oil pastel thrown in for good measure. I don’t work on my art as much as I should. I don’t have the luxury of being a fulltime artist. Not that I’m saying those who do have it easy. They don’t. But it’s definitely easier to work on one’s art more often without a separate full time job taking up most of the week. Still, I should make more time when I am home. A little here, a little there. More than what I currently do, certainly.
This talk of being an artist, and I don’t usually share my work here. If you want to check it out, my Deviant Art page and Reddbubble accounts are both under the AlviniaBear username.
Deviant Art | AlviniaBear
Redbubble | AlviniaBear

Marketing is one of the more difficult parts of being an artist who would like to be a paid artist. It’s not one of my better skills, if I’m being honest. Still, I try what little I can. I share on my personal and public Facebook pages, on Pinterest, and finally started a Twitter that I now share on. All I can do is keep trying, right?


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